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11th October Astrology News

By October 12, 2021January 6th, 2022No Comments

Tomorrow, 11th October, transiting (travelling) Saturn, turns it’s motion to direct having been retrograde since 23rd May this year. (Check out last week’s newsletter where I explained the retrograde motion). Also, reflect upon any serious issues surfacing in May that need resolution. If they haven’t been resolved, now is the time to do so. Saturn’s archetypal energy can be likened to that of a stern, authority figure – like the principal of a school.

Saturn is also the time keeper. When it’s time for us to learn major life lessons Saturn, through beams of energy connecting to a placement in our birth chart, activates these lessons. Our lessons may involve relationships, health, finances, work, status, values, family, children, etc. Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Karma is simply the universal Law of Cause and Effect. Whatever we cause by our thoughts, emotions and actions, whether in this life or a previous one, has an effect. We are responsible for that effect and need to ‘pay our dues’.

We can consciously create positive karma by doing good deeds for others without any expectation of a return. Under a Saturn transit to a placement in our birth chart, we often encounter another person who will awaken into our conscious mind old subconscious relationship patterning that needs to be worked through and harmonised. No one else can do this process for us. We need to take responsibility for having created the karma, and for healing our own psychological issues.

As an example: Many marriages or significant relationships begin under a Saturn transit. Throughout the life of the marriage, or significant relationship, karma associated with the relationship will emerge to be resolved. Another example: a child may be born under a Saturn transit because there’s karma to work through with that child and one or both of it’s parents. Most serious life events occur under a Saturn transit. These events usually have karmic implications.

Currently, Saturn is moving through the zodiacal sign of Aquarius. Aquarius wants freedom in order to be creatively expressive. Retrograde Saturn says” It’s not time. Freedom from past psychological patterning will come after working through the karma associated with it”. Reflect upon any psychological patterning you have been working through since May. Now that Saturn’s moving direct tomorrow, it’s likely that issue has ended or is nearing completion. We will probably have learned patience through the experience. It takes time, retrospection and patience to develop deeper comprehension.

Wherever Saturn is placed in our birth charts is where we can experience our greatest fears. They may, or may not be conscious.

I have found the main theme connected to the sign of Aquarius is separation from love. To me, it’s the greatest disease on the planet, affecting most people. It’s a big one to work through, but it can be done. Sincere and genuine self-love, self-care, self-esteem and self-value are the keys.