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Ten Keys to Wholeness

By November 26, 2018No Comments

Love and light are frequencies. They both exist as electro-magnetic broadcastings of energy. We are on this planet to evolve into our light body through these frequencies. As we do so, we naturally create a literal mutation of form inside our body.

Love, a force that many cannot yet understand, is the key. Your internal exploration of love as a vital force of existence will affect the planet and the planet will become this vibration as well, no matter what the media headlines say.

To set ourselves free from control and domination by external ‘authorities’ we need to establish our own sovereignty by building our uniquely encoded light body and by reclaiming and maintaining our love vibration.

We are to learn to be a source of conscious creation in our own right. To do so, we need to know ourselves intimately and to find our answers within. And, to be able to say with conviction and deep understanding  “I am my own authority. I see myself as equal to all forms of creation”. This is true empowerment. It is within this internal place that we feel whole. We can consciously create our life as we choose, no matter what is going on around us. At this stage of our spiritual evolutionary development we have faith and trust in our inner guidance and live life truthfully and openly according to it.

This growth process leads to making connections with, and actually experiencing, our multi-dimensional selves. Our understanding and interpretations of reality change throughout the journey.

Be your own teacher by activating the truth inside of you. Know that a higher order and purpose exists. To find it, follow your inner guidance that comes through impulses and feelings, and often through the small still Voice of the Higher Self.

Learn to decode your priceless blueprint, your birth chart. Dive into the greater depths of it to extract purpose and meaning. You are time-coded, via the transits and progressions to your natal chart, to evolve into greater light and love – to BE your greater Self. Your birth chart leads you to an internal veiled library of ancient wisdom and knowledge. It is your key to developing greater self-awareness.

When enough people take this inner path to wholeness and spiritual growth, new data opens on our planet. Like the 100th monkey syndrome – an explosion of higher knowledge will emerge from the ashes of our past reality. Peace and wholeness can then become the collective’s agenda rather than its current focus on separation, division and war.

Ten Keys to Wholeness

  • Love, respect, honour and value your priceless body. Treat it with reverence. It is the temple that houses your soul. Give it regular exercise, fresh air and water, and natural foods. Not only is it flesh and bones but is also a combination of intelligent electromagnetic signals.
  • Love, respect, honour and value your unique brain. Learn to understand how it functions. It naturally expands as you access the truth contained within your cellular memory.
  • Learn to listen and pay attention to your intuition, arising through your feelings, emotions and sensitivities. Feelings are your guide to truth. Learn to trust and value them.
  • Love, respect and value Gaia, the great Goddess – Mother Earth. Express sincere gratitude for all she provides. Without her, our souls could not evolve as quickly as they can now.
  • Give thanks each day for the abundance you have, for the choices you have made and for the learning experienced through those choices.
  • Consciously develop greater self-awareness. It is the key to self-mastery, wholeness and good health. Self-awareness leads to higher consciousness.
  • When internal psychological darkness arises, face, embrace and own it. Another person, animal or thing may activate it. Take responsibility for having created it. It has much to teach you. You attracted it because of the vibration you carry. Learn your lessons by working with your shadows. When conscious self-awareness occurs, thank the dark for revealing your light of truth.
  • Spend at least an hour each morning chanting, toning or singing and on doing what you love to do – just for you. Make this action a daily priority.
  • Spend time each day meditating to bring cosmic light into your crown. Distribute it down through the chakras. This energises these energy centres to share their knowledge. Connect to Mother Earth’s core and practice bringing her energy into your heart, uniting it with the cosmic light. Spend time on your heart chakra with the intent of self-generating the frequency of love in it. You will feel it. Unite ‘heaven and earth’ inside your heart.
  • Love others equally to yourself. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.
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